surrendering to who I am…

Wearing Your Collar for the First Time


The subtle smell of leather
tantalizes my senses.
The scent carries me
into a daydream
where i plea and beg
for the opportunity
to show You
how good of a submissive i am.

Since having the collar
in my possession,
i’ve fondled and admired it
at times
when i think of You.
i thought about
putting it on myself
yet without Your control
it’s just
a beautiful piece of jewelry
and nothing more.

Driving to Your house
i imagined
how i could ask You
to put it on me.
Actions seemed more appropriate
than words
as i envisioned myself
then kneeling before You
with Your collar
hanging in my teeth.

Your hand
wisped my growing hair
away from my nape
and clasped Your control
firmly around my neck.
my desire to serve You
only increased.

With Your attention diverted,
i wondered,
will i have the chance
to serve You this evening?
What had been
a building and seething
desire for sex
during the last few weeks
now turned into
a building and seething
desire to serve.
i trusted Your choices.

“Thanks for being patient,”
You uttered
as You joined me in bed.
Would there be a reward
for my patience?

i could have
licked Your ass
all night.
If that had been
the only thing
we did,
i would be content.

Your hand
slapping my ass
then caressing
my stinging skin
intoxicates me.
i dream of the day
that You beat me
for what seems like

With my head
swimming in satisfaction
i fell into a slumber
feeling both
my independence
my submissiveness
for the first time
at the same time.

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surrendering to who I am…




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