surrendering to who I am…

travel assignment


I took a trip at the end of June, and Master told me to expect an assignment while I was away. Here’s my report to Him on fulfilling the assignment.

Since I didn’t get my assignment on Friday night, I knew it would come Saturday. You knew my schedule for the day, but I wasn’t sure how you’d use that information in the timing of my assignment.

When I arrived at my friend’s party, I had to go to the bathroom. While in there, I wondered if I had to come in here to fulfill any assignment how that might work out. When someone tried to open the door as soon as I sat down on the toilet, I knew the bathroom was going to be busy during this party. That could either help or hinder my assignment…if it came during the party.

I checked my phone a few times during the party. I didn’t think I’d hear the text message sound. If there was a time limit on my assignment, I didn’t want it dwindling away and making it more challenging to fulfill because I didn’t check.

I got your text message just as I was leaving the party. I smiled and felt myself get all excited as I read it. Since I was just getting on the road, I knew it would be at least 45 minutes before I could complete it.

As I drove, I was trying to figure out how to do this. The friends I was staying with were gone for the day. They said they’d been home between 3-5 pm. It was just 3 pm when I got the assignment. So, if they were home when I got home, do I just go into the bathroom? Or do I just say I need to take a nap? Since life it so hectic and their house (especially if they’d just gotten home), I half-wondered if I should stop at a gas station bathroom on the way home and complete it! But I didn’t entertain that thought for very long…

When I got to their house, no one was home. They are having the outside of her house painted, though, and the painters were here.

I went in and came into the bedroom and stripped. It was very hot here yesterday, so stripping would have been first on the agenda in any case. I knew they could be home at any minute, and the likelihood of their son bursting into his room (which he’d given up to me for my stay) upon their arrival was high. So I set up a blanket to cover myself quickly, if needed.

I then relaxed and started playing with my nipples. It felt so good! Even though I am not on restriction right now, playing with my nipples always feels like a treat.

I was trying to decide what fantasy inspiration I would use here. The thought of You watching me while I cum for you usually works. The fact that I might be walked in on at any minute added to my excitement. But it was this painter working just a few feet from the open bedroom window that got me pretty wet.

I don’t think I’ve shared my general fantasies of delivery men or other household workers (painters would qualify) with you…that these men show up at the house, and I answer the door scantily clad, and I flirt and tease and subtly encourage them they can have me if they want me.

So, hearing him working outside the window got me pretty aroused. I then started fantasizing that you and I were playing on my couch. My doorbell rings. He says it is UPS, and he needs a signature. You get up and throw on your pants, but you tell me to lay exactly where I am with my legs open. You open the door and a handsome, muscular UPS guy hands you the package and asks for your signature. He’s just staring at me while you sign, and I’m blushing but not closing my legs because you told me not to. You see him staring at me and invite him in. I didn’t get much further than before I came!! 🙂

I laid there for a few moments naked when the doorbell rang. I wasn’t sure if was the painter wanting to use the bathroom or something. I got up and quickly dressed. They rang the doorbell again as I was dressing. Turned out it was more friends whom they were expecting (she’d told me they were coming, but didn’t say when). They’d talked to our mutual friends and said they should be there at any moment. I welcomed them in while thinking, “Wow…just in the nick of time!”

I enjoyed my afternoon orgasm so much that it spilled over a bit when I was ready for bed. I came again right before I texted you last night thinking of You standing over me telling me to cum.

Thank you for my assignment, Master! I always enjoying cumming for You.

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surrendering to who I am…




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