surrendering to who I am…

ravage me


Some fantasies that roll through my mind…

You enter my home and don’t say a word. You just grab me by the hair, drag me to the bedroom and push me onto the bed. I’m wearing pants, which you pull down roughly. You fuck me from behind fast and furious and cum inside me (no cumming for me). You slap my ass and tell me to stay there until I hear the phone ring. You leave and sometime much later I finally hear the phone ring. I get up to find the phone and see your number, but I pick up and hear a dial tone. I wipe the cum that dripped down my legs and pull up my pants. We never talk about this encounter.

You enter my home and give me a hug. You kiss me, and then bite my lip – at first softly and then harder. You kiss my cheek on the way down to my neck. You start biting my neck in all sorts of way – soft, hard and in between. This foreplay lasts longer than I’d expect, making me wetter and wetter. You then drag me by the hair to the bed and fuck me hard.

You blindfold me and cuff me to the bed. You fasten my ankles to my hands so that my ass and pussy are up in the air and ready for you. You then leave me there while you go watch a game on TV for a while. During commercials you come in and finger me or use my dildo on me, bringing me to the brink but not letting me cum. Or you stick you dick in my mouth and make me suck in this awkward position. My pussy is wet and dripping down my ass. I’m a bit cold and slightly shivering. You then come in and fuck me in my pussy and then in my ass. You tell me when to cum; I’m not allowed to ask. You cum by spraying my ass and pussy. You leave me there and let the cum dry before you remove the cuffs. You tell me I can’t shower for 24 hours.

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surrendering to who I am…




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