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my ideal relationship


About a year after Master and I first starting being a part of each other’s lives, he asked me what I was looking for in a man and how he fit that ideal. While I wrote out a list about what I was looking for in a man, I also wrote out what was my ideal relationship. Below is what I shared with him. Almost 20 years later, I would not change a single word.


Now, to my ideal relationship. In a lot of ways, this list is more important to me than my list of what I seek in a man.

My Ideal Relationship
2 distinct individuals who are strong, incredible people and who, if they had never met the other, would in the end be considered wonderful people who lived very satisfying lives and made the world a better place.

2 people who, when the do meet each other, respect and admire the other for who they are and have a genuine interest in getting to know more.

2 people who, through their interaction, challenge and spur the other – mentally, physically, and emotionally – making each of them think, ponder, experience, reflect, and grow.

2 people whose love grows for each other with each and every day and last a lifetime.

2 people who choose to get married not because they feel they need to but out of a true desire to share their lives together.

2 people who choose to have a child not because they feel they need to but out of a true desire to shape a new life based on their love and what they have learned.

2 people who commit to facing all problems they encounter and who don’t run away from each other (emotionally or physically).

2 people who share all of their feelings with each other. They are honest and forthright. They express needs and desires but do not manipulate, threaten, or otherwise cower behind indirectness.

2 people who love life and want to experience it to its fullest – both individually and with each other.

2 people who, in the end, have left the world an even better place because they are considered even more wonderful individuals for having known each other.

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surrendering to who I am…




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