surrendering to who I am…

is that an option?


Master: “I was up pretty early on Saturday.”

me: “Yes, I know. Your text woke me up.” (He was traveling and there was a 2 hour time difference, so the text woke me up at 6:30 am.)

Master: “I didn’t think it would wake you. I figured you’d see it when you got up. You don’t put your phone on Do Not Disturb at night?”

me: “Is that an option?”

We both smile and laugh a little. I know it is an option on my phone, but I was truly surprised it would be an option to turn off my phone such that Master could not reach me when He pleased.

He laughed and thought about it out loud for a moment. He gave me some general parameters that it would be ok to have my phone on Do Not Disturb. Interestingly, they seemed to be the minimum hours Master would be asleep. 🙂

Truth is that I enjoy Master waking me up either by phone or text. Certainly not as good as Him rolling over to fuck me awake but pleasurable nonetheless.

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surrendering to who I am…




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