surrendering to who I am…

in shackles


A dream I shared with Master…


I thought you’d enjoy hearing about the dream I had last night…

I’m quite not sure where we were, but you decided that you wanted to send me home with shackles on my feet. I protested that my family would see the shackles and that they would not be easily explainable. You said that was my challenge to deal with. You did say that I didn’t have to advertise the shackles (i.e. I could hide them under blankets, etc.) but I could not just hide in my room so that nobody would see them. I had to participate in family activities/discussions and just find clever ways to conceal the shackles.

So, I was home with the shackles. It was a multi-level house and my family lived on different floors. Not only was I concerned about hiding them but also how I would walk up the stairs with the shackles. I was able to participate in family activities and successfully hide the shackles. I was surprised more questions weren’t asked because even if they couldn’t see them, I thought for sure they would hear the noise they made. At the very least, I thought they would notice my different behavior. You’d told me before I went home that this was just the beginning. I would wear them around the house first, and then later you would have me wear them in public. Also, foot shackles were first. Hand and foot shackles would follow.

Interesting dream, huh? (My pussy tingles even as I write this…)


…and Master responded…

Very interesting indeed!  I’m enjoying your acceptance and willingness for being controlled–whether it be physically or otherwise. Makes me smile….

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surrendering to who I am…




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