surrendering to who I am…

forgot my name


After several orgasms, my head is spinning. I smile and say to Master, “What’s my name?”

“Slut,” He answers.

I think the fact that I couldn’t remember in that moment proves that to be true. 🙂

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  • Man, Slap: Sounds like a good man. I spent a year sitting with mine in the moinrng waiting for the bus. He was a Marine in the Pacific, a cop, a stone mason (as a second job), a baseball player (turned down the Cleveland Indians because police work was a better way to support a family .can you imagine) and a good, honorable man. I learned so much (much of it stuff my Dad would’ve preferred I didn’t learn) from him in that brief period. Hmm. I’ve experienced that same thing in the gap between asleep and awake. Thank you.


surrendering to who I am…




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