surrendering to who I am…



He starts spanking me, and it stings. It always stings, but it stings worse when it has been weeks since I was last spanked or beaten.

“Oh, that stings, huh,” He says. “Maybe I should get the riding crop so it stings less.”

I protest silently, thinking, “How does He figure that will sting less?”

He starts using the riding crop, and it definitely stings worse. He opines on how much it stings comparatively.

“How would you know how much it stings?” I retort, trying to chase the words and pull them back in after they’ve¬†escaped my mouth. Did I say that out loud?

He swats my back with the shaft of the riding crop HARD. Yes, now the stinging is a lot worse!

“So, you’re feisty today,” He comments. I have the sense now to not respond.

But really, how could He know how much it stings? I’d like to see the person who tries any of this out on Him…

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surrendering to who I am…




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