surrendering to who I am…

anal orgasms


Sometimes I feel sorry for vanilla folks. Although you don’t have to be into BDSM to be adventurous in sex, I love that being in a D/s relationship takes me beyond my limits in so many ways….ways that just seem to open up my world more and more.

In the past two years with Master, I definitely feel like I’ve been blossoming – both inside and outside the bedroom. My body continues to amaze me. It started with squirting for the first time , first by myself then with Master. For several months now, I’ve had to ask permission to cum during sex, which ultimately resulted in me cumming on command. Now – more recently – all my orgasms are under His control.

When He entered my ass on Friday afternoon, though, I figured that it would be highly arousing but I didn’t expect to have an orgasm. I’ve been given the assignment to stretch my ass regularly so that I can be ready for Him to enter me at anytime. On this particular day, I’d done so right before He arrived, figuring if He chose to fuck my ass, I’d be prepared.

He entered my ass from the missionary position. This was new for me since He’s usually fucked my ass from behind. I enjoyed the face-to-face position….and all that happened next. I wrote this to Him that night reflecting on the experience…

“I know I said it when you were here, but I’ll say it again that I really enjoyed our anal sex this afternoon. 🙂 While it hurt some on your initial entry, it felt good the rest of the time. I was pretty convinced I wasn’t going to cum with you in my ass. I was definitely turned on and there were a couple of thrusts were you pressed against my pussy/clit, and I thought if we could keep that up it might happen. When the orgasm started to well up to the surface, your thrusts weren’t directly stimulating my clit or pussy at that moment, so I was surprised it was happening. Then when the orgasms came one after another, I just marveled at my body. It’s such a distinct feeling of giving up control and letting it happen. I know that this is what it is all about, but with each level of surrendering, I am in awe.”

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surrendering to who I am…




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