surrendering to who I am…

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I’m a strong, independent woman and natural submissive with an innate desire to serve and be owned.

I have been my Master’s collared submissive since November 2009, although I’ve known Him for two decades. This is a journal of my discovering, accepting and embracing my submissive nature and surrendering completely not only to Him but ultimately to who I am.

Read the poem I wrote shortly after discovering my submissiveness, which is the inspiration for the title of this blog.

This blog was started in 2008, although I did not blog regularly until 2009. As time permits, I’m adding entries from my private journal from before 2008 that reflect important points or random musings on my journey to embrace my submissiveness (so be sure to browse older entries when you visit).

Welcome, and enjoy!

surrendering to who I am…




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