surrendering to who I am…

a woman’s touch


For some reason, all my fantasies of late have been about sex with women. Actually, it’s been a long while (a year? maybe 2?). I just don’t find myself fantasizing about men (except Master, of course).

I seek out lesbian porn, and I really enjoy watching it. I could almost cum just watching two women kiss. It looks so soft and sensuous. Master can definitely be tender, but even in His tenderness I feel His power. Sometimes I try to imagine a vanilla relationship and the tenderness some women say they want from their man, and it just makes me wince. I don’t think I could be with a man that treated me too tenderly. No, this kind of tenderness and sensuousness is something you could only experience with another woman.

I like the idea of suckling on another woman’s nipples. I really like the idea of tasting breast milk. I can imagine being both the giver and the receiver. The idea of feeding another in this way (even if milk were not present) makes me very wet.

Seeing women grind their pussies together gets me quite worked up as well as watching a woman straddle another woman’s face. The idea of a strap-on is not an enticing (giving or receiving) but I’d definitely like to try a double-headed dildo sometime.

I would definitely help another woman explore anal pleasure (giving and receiving). I would explore her entire nether regions with my tongue. I wonder what a hard clit feels and tastes like, rolling around her nub while fingering her pussy. I’d massage her G-spot and teach her how to squirt (if she doesn’t already).

In my mind, I teach many, many women about the secrets of their own bodies and the pleasures of what seems taboo…and I enjoy some fun along the way.

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surrendering to who I am…




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