surrendering to who I am…

20 questions


I read this on libby’s blog today, and I decided to answer the questions for myself.

1. I hate it when…He tells me to do something, and I get nervous about doing whatever it is right and end up doing it awkwardly.

2. I fear…ending up alone with no family of my own (husband/children).

3. I need…reassurance. This could apply to lots of things, not just D/s. I guess at some level, I’m always doubting myself, so I look for reassurance outside of myself.

4. I want to meetPrincess Donna of

5. I’m hungry for…opportunities to serve Him.

6. I love it when…He commands me to do something.

7. I’m afraid of…other people’s judgment of me (particularly of those close to me).

8. I want to get…a larger dildo for my ass stretching, maybe one that vibrates.

9. I can…have multiple, squirting orgasms (and have started to have them on command).

10. I can’t…(yet) contort myself into the flexible positions that Master and I would like my body to be able to do.

11. I’m nervous to…have sex with multiple people at the same time (say in a party that Master has arranged) but want this fantasy to come true very badly.

12. I’m happy when…I have a task or assignment to work on for Master.

13. I’m sad when…the circumstances of my life don’t look the way I want them to, and it looks hopeless to change.

14. I love watching…videos Master picks for me to watch and sharing my reactions (good and bad) with Him.

15. I love listening to…Master cum, especially when He grabs my hair and He utters the sounds close to my ear.

16. I’m looking forward to…when pain = pleasure.

17. I like waking up to…Master rolling on top of me when I’m asleep and being roused by Him starting to fuck me.

18. I’m glad that…Master and I resumed our sexual relationship two years ago and that we are going down the path to being Master/slave.

19. I’m disappointed that…our relationship took so many turns over the past 15 years. Sometimes it’s hard not to think of that time as wasted time. But all the self-knowledge that I acquired over this 15 years was required before I could go down this path to Master/slave with Him.

20. I wish I could…share openly with people all of the wonderful things about my M/s relationship and all the profound things I’m learning about myself by going down this path to slavery. I wish BDSM wasn’t a taboo subject and that people were more open to the world of possibilities and self-knowledge that walking down this path allows.

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surrendering to who I am…




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